Monday, August 5, 2013

Meet Mama Elephant

Makeover Monday

As I mentioned last week, I'm not done with the Baby Elephant project. But, Mama Elephant broke loose and had to be dealt with before I could continue on either. 

So, today is the grand introduction. 
*Warning: The images below may be disturbing to some readers*
This is my children's playroom.

Um... Four years ago.
This is it now. 

Please come a little closer...

The room has no overhead light. 
So that beautiful standing lamp in the corner...
 Yes, the one with only two working bulbs, provides all the illumination needed. 

Maybe you'd like to
read a book 
or play a game 
or scale a mountain of God-knows-what the size of Everest. 

If you are musically inclined, there is a fifth grader recorder 
precariously balanced on the top shelf for your enjoyment. 

A chest of dress clothes to the left, complete with full length mirror for optimal viewing 
and a science table to the right with craft projects conveniently stored in removable bins. 

Older daughter's computer desk and art cubbies on the left. 
Lego table  and additional lamp (not plugged in, by the way) on the right. 

Art easel in the back corner. 
Lego table (yes, there is a table under there) in the foreground. 

Evidence my strict rule against eating in any room other than the kitchen/dining room and certainly not in front of the computers is being followed without question. 

Let's not even talk about how it got this way 
or how long it's looked like this
 because at this point I don't remember
 and it doesn't really matter. 

The room has several issues: 
1. It has no door. There is no hiding this monstrosity of a mess. 
2. It is painted a dark blue. Yes, I picked the color and at the time it looked pretty good. Until I realized it turned a cute play room into a cave. 
3. My kids are way too old for most of what is in here.

So, say hello to Mama Elephant. I've already started working on her. I've got two weeks before school starts and want it done before I go back. 

You'll come on this journey with me, won't you? She's REALLY big and I'm kind of scared. 


Unknown said...

You can do this! Make the kids help--they'll be _begging_ to go back to school :)

Marsha said...

Good idea, Lara. OMG, Dawn!!! Can you say "too much stuff!" Wow. I see it with my grands. It'a amazing how quickly it accumulates. My older daughter has a good system going, and poof before you know it, everything is falling out of all the containers.
Great opportunity to help kids learn the importance of helping the less fortunate and that you have to get rid of the old to make room for the new. I don't know what you do about the lighting. You are quite inspirational with all of your reclaiming, Dawn!

Marsha said...

Why do you not have FB and Twitter buttons on here so I can share? Or are they here and I just can't find them? LOL

Dawn Alexander said...

Lara- I gave them the option of not helping at all and having no say in what I threw out or helping and I'd take their opinion into consideration. So, they've been helping and yes, they are BEGGING for school to start.

Marsha- It's stunning, isn't it? Part of the problem is that I have the only grandchildren on my side and since my girls are so close in age, everyone felt the need to buy something for both if they were buying for one.

And THANK YOU for pointing out I hadn't clicked the little box for the share buttons. They should be there now!