Monday, July 8, 2013

30 minutes or...more.

Makeover Monday

I really wanted to title this post "30 minutes or less". I'm taking a momentary break from my elephant and working on some other small projects around the house. Don't worry. I'm still making progress on the biggest project. Just giving myself breathing room to avoid burn out.

Anyway, my youngest daughter is a gamer. Serious gamer. This is her game area.

I thought we could manage this in 30 minute or less because we were only focusing on that drawer right there. The massive amount of Pokemon cards, Skylanders and random Halloween pumpkin could be addressed later. Just this drawer. No problem.

we opened it.

Then, I closed it and walked away. 

Okay, I wanted to close it and walk away. But, I didn't. 
*Deep breath.*
Step one: 
Empty the drawer. 

Step Two: 
Manage this.
Actually, I made my daughter manage this because I don't know a Play station from a Nintendo. 

Step Three: 
Find a way to contain all of this without spending any extra money.

Only my daughter gets in this drawer. I wanted to use what I had on hand.
 (Plus, she refused to make a trip to the Dollar store with me.)

Ta Daaa!

A left over desk container from a desk organizer, an apple container and two shoe boxes later.
She can actually see what she owns!

And, it only took....Okay, it took over an hour.
But, it was totally worth it! 

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Unknown said...

Looks great! Think she'll keep it organized? ;)