Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Plot Swap~ Spring Break Style

Dawn's Plot Swap

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This has been Spring Break week for me! My family and I have done virtually nothing. It has been AMAZING! For our plot swap, I thought I'd offer up some great Spring Break ideas. What could you do with these? 

Fun for the whole family: 

The family that plays together stays together. I'm not sure which is worse. The fact they brought kids along or the fact they were caught because an off-duty police officer was having lunch across the street and thought the woman sprinting back to her car after going in the bank looked suspicious. 

So, romantic suspense: They were robbing the bank to protect their children from a nefarious villain.  
Romantic comedy: The sister of the woman must match wits with the off-duty police officer to prove she isn't guilty. 

Great recreation with friends: 

Mo. golfer survives fall into Ill. course sinkhole
This had to be a terrifying experiences. But, my favorite part is that his friend didn't see him get swallowed by the earth. When he vanished from sight they assumed he'd fallen down a hill, but didn't go looking for him until they heard moaning! 
Horror: The friends never find him and he must claw his way out before the demon beast at the bottom of the hole claws him. 
Time travel: Of course, the sinkhole is a portal to another dimension where he arrives and must solve five tasks (it was a par 5 hole) before returning. 

For the adventurous type:

Did you know there is a book titled "The Thrill of the Chase" in which the author outlines clues to a $2 Million dollar treasure he supposedly hid in the mountains near Santa Fe? 
Well, this woman did. She went looking for it and got lost. She was later found safe.
But, oh, the possibilities! 
What could drive her to risk everything to go hiking alone searching for this treasure? 
What if she'd found it? 
What kind of personal growth did she experience while on the chase? 

Swap with me! 
Got any good plots going?
Great spring break plans? 
Intentions of committing a felony? 


Teri Anne Stanley said...

I was really hoping you were going to post stories from your most memorable spring break or something, complete with pictures (oh, thank You, God, for not letting social media and camera phones being invented until I was past Spring Break age).

Dawn Alexander said...

Um, no. The pictures are all faked and that person on the video is a look-alike. I was never there!