Thursday, April 26, 2012

Friday Plot Swap~Crazy Crime Style

Dawn's Plot Swap
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Crazy Crimes. 
I was going to call this "Crime Spree style" but not all of these qualify as a"spree" and "Stuff normal people would never do."  was too long to fit in the title box. 

 Busy little bee, isn't he?

The article has a timeline. You can just scroll down and follow the fun. They caught him in a vat of water with only his nose exposed. Does it get loonier than that?

Speaking of bees,

What kind of thought process went into that? What does one do with a shoplifted 500-pound beehive? Is there some kind of beehive black market that no one talks about?

And, last today,
Beat it! 

There must have been copious amounts of alcohol involved in this situation. Or, at least, one dedicated Michael Jackson fan! 
I am including this link to a  handy 
video as a public service in case any of my readers are ever forced to perform an 80's dance move at gun point. 
 I am here for you. 

So, swap with me! Can you make sense out of any of the stories this week? Could your MC do these things and have motivation other than "the voices told me to?" Heard any good plots lately?



Jerrie Alexander said...

Now the guy or guys who took the bee hive...just can't imagine doing something with that!

But thanks for the moon walk video. I hope you're practicing, we'll expect a demo at the next chapter meeting.

Jessica R. Patch said...

Maybe someone had hidden jewels in the beehive, I mean who would look there. How they got them inside, I dunno. But only something valuable, and honey don't count, would make me jack a hive.

The crazy guy? A patient off his meds escapes from the hospital, but he's not really crazy, he's trying to find the man who murdered his kid, but he has to act nuts to get what he's after. Why I dunno.

And the sure that wasn't the same guy in the vat of water? LOL

Great swap today!