Saturday, April 9, 2011

What's in a name? The Reveal

The names are all based on characters from the board game 

 Based on characters sketches I found
Miss Scarlett
Scarlett Mitchell~ I will admit to cheating just a bit here. Obviously, Scarlett represents Miss Scarlett. But, I had trouble deciding on a last name, so I used Mitchell as a nod to Margret  Mitchell, author of Gone with the Wind. 

In my novel, Scarlett is an heiress turned actress who celebrates the opening night of her play by hosting a murder mystery party at her home. When she disappears in the middle of it, everyone wonders if it was part of the act.

Colonel Mustard
 Amber O'Conell~  Scarlett's best friend is a security specialist named, Amber( A synonymy for Yellow/Mustard) O'Conell ( an anagram of Colonel). When Scarlett disappears, Amber knows it isn't part of performance and starts investigate all of the "Usual Suspects"
 Sage Lacil~  Sage (a synonym for Wise which came from Professor) Lacil (an anagram of Lilac, a synonym for Plum/ Purple) is Scarlett's former tutor. He meets Amber at the play and become her love interest.

Mrs. Peacock
Beau Byrd~ Again, I will admit to cheating just a tad. Beau (short form of Beautiful) is Scarlett's leading man in the play. He is emotional, handsome and absolutely smitten with her. 

Mr. Green
 Kelley Priest~ The character sketch I found stated that Mr. Green is sometimes referred to as Rev. Green. So, obviously, Kelley (a synonym for green) Priest. Kelley is Scarlett's philandering, conniving, boyfriend with a gambling addiction.  When Scarlett disappears, Amber suspects she may have been kidnapped by one of Kelley's "financial backers".

Mrs. White
 Virgina Ivory~ Virgina Ivory ( both synonyms for White) is Scarlett's agent. On the surface, she is bland and uninteresting. She believes Scarlett's disappearance is just another play for attention. 

So, there you have it. The grand secret to my character names.:)
What do you think? Can you follow my logic? Or does it only work in my mind? 
Have a great Saturday!  


Genevieve Wilson said...

That's very cool! I love, love, love the movie Clue. I totally should have gotten that.

Anonymous said...

I love this! My mind works the same way, so this completely made sense to me. I like the idea of tying your characters' names to a secret source. Fun!

Dawn Alexander said...

Thanks! Glad y'all enjoyed it!

showrue said...

I'm doing a murder mystery party too :)