Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Plot Swap: Favorite lines

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What's your favorite line?
In the movie Light of Day
Michael J. Fox is trying to show his nephew how you can write a song about anything. They turn on the TV and catch a snippet of a man saying, "You've got no place to go." Then, write a song based on that line.
Sometimes, that is how I plot. I get a line stuck in my head, then I start to work on the setting and the characters. What would have led them to say that. So, here are a few of my lines from three different WIPs.
"When you pick out clothes in the morning, you never think they'll  be covered in your loved ones' blood by the end of the day." 

“You are marked as a seer,”he repeated.
            “And you are marked as a traitor,”she answered. “Neither of us would be as we seem.”

"Let’s name the Newfoundland, Tiny. Won’t that be cute? Everyone will think it's great.” She yanked the leash. “Yeah, great idea. Grant… Great idea… Almost as good an idea as you running off with Malibu Barbie and her Chihuahua. Seriously, I have tennis shoes bigger than that ugly rat."
Swap with me!
What's your favorite line? 
It doesn't matter if it is from your WIP,
your favorite book, movie, song, whatever. 




Teri Anne Stanley said...

Well, my favorite movie line is from GI Jane: "Master Chief, s%c@ my d@*k". Which inspired many interesting ideas about Viggo Mortenson on his knees. But anyway.

Another one, which is just so stupid that I love it, is from a Blake Shelton song: "...hold yourself together like a pair of bookends"
??? WT*?

That is all.

Genevieve Wilson said...

All my favorite lines come from Steel Magnolias:

"Ouiser, you sound almost chipper. What happened today - you run over a small child or something?"

"You know I'd rather walk on my own lips than criticize anybody but... I bet she paid $500 for that dress and didn't bother to wear a girdle."

"I don't trust anyone who does her own hair. It ain't natural."

Anonymous said...

From one of my favorite songs, Aftermath by Adam Lambert: "Tell a stranger that they're beautiful so all you feel is love."

From a couple of my WIPs:

"Knowing a thing and experiencing it are always very much different things."

"What little? The little I give is all that I have to give.”

Convo from current WIP chp that really captures the essence of my characters:
"“What good is there anyway?” I muttered. “In what possible way can we be helping people? It's all pointless. We're born into struggle. We live in constant desecration of purpose. We die having done nothing but survive our allotted amount of time here.”
“You're still bothered by the child.”
“I don't f*cking care about some kid,” I lied.
“I see.”
“And so what if I am?”"

Linnette Rochelle said...

From my current WI:

"Lord, I don't want to live in fear and pain anymore. Help me! Unlock the bars that hold me in this awful prison!"

When she pulled away, he searched her gaze. The frantic fear he saw nearly undid him.
"Don't leave me," she said.
"I'm right here, Beth. I'm not going anywhere."
She swallowed and searched his eyes. "You left. In my dream. You left me...with him."

"No. Don't do that." She said as she frantically wiped the tears from his face. But, they only fell harder. ... "Please, don't, Adam." She hiccuped with a sob. "You're breaking my heart."

Dawn Alexander said...

Wow! These are great. Definitely perked my interest in some of the WIPs mentioned!

And I love Steel Magnolias... and Blake Shelton, so these have been perfect response for me.

Thanks for sharing everyone!

Linnette Rochelle said...

This is a fun thing and always challenges my writer's intellect when I participate. Stretches my brain which is a good thing. :D