Thursday, March 3, 2011

My DFWCon Recap

Thinking about Thursday...

  • The "Purple Ribbon" twitter group and all the other amazing people I met. 
  • The overall friendliness of EVERYONE there. 
  • Sandra Brown and her down-to-earth, conversational style, keynote address.
  • Jennifer Talty's Synopsis writing class
  • Anna DeStefano's class on plotting through characters. 
  • Party in the Black Hawk Room
  •  Gong Show  . Roni wrote a great post about what the agents liked and hated.
       Eye Openers:
  • Reading through fifteen queries in 20 minutes and deciding what to accept or reject like an agent in Elana Roth's class. It really demonstrated how subjective the business can be.
  • Romance Panel with Candace Havens, Anna DeStefano and Jenny Martin. Listening to the trends, changes and future of the business made my head swirl!
  •  Enjoying a great conversation with Weronika Janzcuk  . Who is only NINETEEN and a literary agent in New York.
  •  The Gong show. You can read here about how Janet B. Taylor used what could have been a humiliating experience as a conversation opener. My heart hurts for those whose queries were not read past the first three sentences with over a 100 people in a room laughing. Is that not every writer's nightmare? 
      There was more, of course, SO MUCH MORE. 

What about you? What moment of the weekend made you smile? What were your highlights and eye-openers? Were you as amazed as I was by the support and friendliness of everyone there?

 Stop by tomorrow! I am adding a Find Me a Story Friday!  


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