Monday, June 24, 2013

Baby Elephant Part II: Tiny Bites

Makeover Monday

Tiny Bites

LOOK! Carpet!!!!

I gave myself a built in deadline when I started this project last week. I knew that on Saturday my house would be filled with people for my daughter's birthday party. The main goal was to get everything off the floor and in a presentable pile. 
After hours of Pandora radio, dropping a shredder on my foot (OUCH! Very reminiscent of the marble chess board incident)  and a healthy dose of self-talk ("You can do this." "Don't get overwhelmed." "No, no, no sitting down to check Facebook and Twitter, Bad Dawn!")
the floor emerged.

It looks even better with the lid down!

I filled up several garbage bags with donations and had our recycle bin overflowing. 
That left this. 

The dreaded "TO-BE" pile.
To be filed
To be shredded
To be tossed
To, I don't know. What do you do with Christmas cards from 15 years ago?

That's the project for this week.

I sorted everything into crates and hope to go through a crate each day this week. 

Next Monday, I'll be posting some of the buried treasures I found in this mess. 
Like this,

Nine reams of unopened paper as well as a stack of unused folders and binders. 
Previously lost in the seas of chaos, now neatly stacked in a cabinet. 

For now,
What do you do with old Christmas/Birthday/Congratulations on the New House cards? 


Unknown said...

Looking good! :)

Dawn Alexander said...

Thank you, Lara!
Hopefully, it will look REAL good by the BIG REVEAL!