Monday, November 15, 2010

What I like about you...

Or should I say, what they like about me.

I am new to the process of letting others read my work. For years ( and I mean YEARS) I was a closet writer. I used to tell my parents I was writing a letter to a friend or working on a school assignment when I was really filling spiral notebook after notebook with stories.

One of my goals for  this year was to enter a contest and receive feedback. I picked one at random from the RWA contest loop.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I wasn't prepared for the feedback. Even though it was administer in the most professional way possible. It still stung.

I am over the shock now. This weekend I went the through the judges' comments and made myself a word document with all the positive statements.

Here is what they liked about me:
    • This has the potential to be a very interesting and exciting read.
    • You did a lovely job with description .
    • First let me start out by saying that your premise is inspired.
    • I think you have a great premise, and with tweaking and getting it all together, you have a terrific shot at getting in front of an agent and/or editor and achieving your dreams. 
    These are what I am holding onto as I revise and rewrite for the Great Expectations Contest

    I am reminding myself this is a process and  if I am going to be successful, I must be willing to learn.


    Catherine West said...

    Absolutely you must!! I just wrote a post about this not too long ago. Criticism is a vital part of leaning, even when it hurts. Take what resonates with you, and discard what doesn't. Every step counts!

    Dawn Alexander said...

    I so appreciate the encouragement. I would love to read the post you wrote if you can link me to it!

    Anonymous said...

    Writing isn't easy. Writing a publishable novel is DIFFICULT. And even more difficult is getting it published!!! But don't give up. I didn't. I'm 70 and getting my first novel published (though I've written all my life!).

    I met you at Jody Hedlund's just now. I came over to cheer you on. Criticism isn't easy to take, but if it's really honest--if you know it's honest and right on--hooray. It doesn't help to just have people who know you and don't want to hurt your feelings respond to your work. You need to know what's "wrong" with the story so you can fix it!!

    Anyway, I'm now a follower.

    Dawn Alexander said...

    Ann~ Thank you so much for the encouragement! That is awesome you stayed with your dream and finally made it. I hope I can have as much determination. Glad to have you following.