Sunday, July 25, 2010

A little less conversation... A little more action

I have made a decision.
I am taking a blog break. Not from  this blog. Although, I am pretty sure only one person might even possibly notice if I did that. (Thank you, Jody, for being my single follower!) Is anyone else out there?????????


Anyway, I am taking a week long break from the seven other blogs I read daily. These are author's and agent's blogs. Blogs I didn't know existed until a year ago when I decided to start researching the publishing process. They have been a wealth of information and I deeply enjoy them, but while I am discussing writing everyday, I am not writing everyday.

For the 34 years before I read these blogs, I wrote. I didn't care if I was writing for the current market or if anyone else was ever going to read it. I just wrote. I miss that. I miss the absent of pressure for my writing. I want remember what it was like to write only for me.

Maybe I will come up with a brilliant new plot line, maybe not. But I hope to at least remember my voice and why, even though the world may never read my work....
I am a writer. 

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